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William D. Greig, Esq. was born and raised in Clovis, New Mexico.  Mr. Greig has graduated from Clovis High School, Kansas State University, and Oklahoma City School of Law.  Before opening The Law Office of William D. Greig, L.L.C., Mr. Greig worked as a Prosecutor in both the 9th (Clovis) and 2nd (Albuquerque) Judicial Districts.  Mr. Greig has also worked at a large Albuquerque located Civil Litigation Firm. 


Statistically speaking the average attorney only tries 4-6 jury trials throughout their entire legal career.  Mr. Greig discovered this fact as he was finishing law school and decided to begin his career as a Prosecutor, because he was promised courtroom jury trial experience. 


Thus far in Greig's legal career he has single handedly tried over 20 jury trials; from jury selection all the way through the sentencing hearing.  The vast majority of these jury trials were for the offense of DWI; but, Mr. Greig has tried everything from driving on a revoked driver's license, all the way to a two-full day third-degree felony Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon jury trial, which Mr. Greig tried in his first year of practice. 


Mr. Greig also learned a great deal of Personal Injury Law while employed at the Albuquerque Civil Litigation Firm; and is currently building his base of family law knowledge, as it is a body of law which Mr. Greig has wanted to practice for some time.


Finally, Mr. Greig is not suggesting that every case should be tried to the court or to a jury; Mr. Greig is able to evaluate his cases and explain to his clients what the strengths, weaknesses, and best course of action is for each case.  Mr. Greig would simply like his prospective clients to know that he is experienced and that he will not "shy away" from the courtroom.

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