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Criminal Defense



At the Law Office of William D. Greig, L.L.C., we understand the stress that can come when you are arrested and find yourself facing a criminal charge.  The uncertainty that comes in the days following: will this affect my job, how will I pay these court expenses, as well as the unfamiliarity with the court procedures and terminology.


We also know the unwritten truth in these situations.  Those being that police officers do make mistakes from time to time and innocent people can be arrested.  Also that police officers may at times leave important facts out of their criminal complaints.  That Prosecutors can "over" charge their cases by stacking on criminal charges that they know they will be unable to prove in court.  That some Prosecutors are more knowledgeable of the law and also may have more talent in the courtroom than others.  Also, that Judges differ in their sentencing views, some Judges are more conservative while others more leniant; and that all or some of this may be unknown to the ordinary citizen.


Mr. Greig learned the above listed information through his experience as a Prosecutor.  He has experience in both plea negotiations and jury trials in crimes ranging from simple traffic offenses all the way to serious felony charges.  He has tried cases for crimes charged as Felony, Misdemeanor, & Juvenile crimes.  He has tried jury trials in State District Court, Metropolitan Court, Magistrate Court and Juvenile Court.  He is also a member of the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.


As far as the price of legal representation we have flexible and negotiable fee agreements that we can discuss in more detail at the free initial consultation/case evaluation.  We can go ahead and state that our fee is based off the following: time, expense, and the amount of work.  Each case is different and each case is individually examined regarding its fee.


One of the most important matters we would like to mention is that at the Law Office of William D. Greig, L.L.C. we request that you keep us updated with your current contact information; and we demand that you tell us the truth.  Your secrets will stay within the walls of the firm not only because the ethical rules demand it but also because it is the right thing to do.  With that being said you should never lie or conceal relevant information from your attorney.  We need to know all the facts, by concealing critical information from your attorney you are only hindering our ability to represent you to the best of our abilities.


Finally, the practice of Criminal Defense is a very noble profession.  Some of the greatest trial attorneys in the last 100 years were criminal defense attoneys; men like Herbert Stern, Edwin Bennett Williams, and Clarrance Darrow to name a few.  Sometimes people are wrongly accused and sometimes people do make mistakes, but every person facing a criminal charge is entitled to an ethical, hard-working, diligent and aggresive representation.  At the Law Office of William D. Greig, L.L.C. we will go to court with you, we will represent you to the best of our abilities and we will try to fight back the Government with all of their resources to the best of our abilities. 


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