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At The Law Office of William D. Greig, L.L.C. our philosophy is simple, we help good people through difficult and stressful life experiences.  Whether you are facing criminal charges, were wrongfully injured by the negligence of another person, or are going through a divorce as well as additional family law issues we are here to help.


At the Law Office of William D. Greig, L.L.C. what we do not do is represent insurance companies and we also do not represent corporate entities.  We are attorneys for the people, we are attorneys for the everyday citizens of the State of New Mexico.


Please review the practice area section of the website, but if you are seeking attorney representation and are looking for an attorney who is ethical, hard-working, diligent, and aggressive you have come to the right place.


All initial consultations/case evaluations are free of charge.  Please call the Law Office of William D. Greig, L.L.C. at 505-306-3007 and we can schedule your free initial consultation.

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